Can you get infected in a dental clinic?

Many are tormented by the question of hepatitis, HIV infection, syphilis or herpes infections. Is it possible to get infected with these diseases in a dental clinic?

In theory, anything is possible! But! Considering all the disinfection measures, the rules of asepsis and antiseptics, this is unrealistic.

Firstly, any dentist will accept you in disposable gloves, with full personal protective equipment: gloves, mask, glasses or shields.

Further, each patient is taken with sterile instruments that lie in a tray, packed and opened with you.

After each patient, there is a scheme for the disinfection of instruments, equipment and all auxiliary aids.

Each instrument, in addition to being washed under running water, with special detergent solutions, is soaked with the required exposure in strong antiseptic solutions, washed again, and packed in special bags consisting of polymer film + crepe paper. After that, all the instruments are put into an autoclave, where they undergo heat treatment, in which a single infection or virus does not survive.

Therefore, it is unrealistic to get infected in a dental clinic with any of these diseases.

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