Dentistry Kiev "Stoma-Dent"

We provide a full range of dental treatment services.

Our goal: "Not to sell dental services more expensively, but to provide quality care for a reasonable price!"

Rules of the medical center "Stoma-Dent":

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 1

Every visitor is a patient requiring quality care!

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 2

We undertake to inexpensively and quickly cure all problem areas!

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 3

Not everything and does not always require treatment! Consultation first!

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 4

We respect everyone’s wishes and requirements. Together with you we decide: do you really need it!

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 5

We welcome and support a comprehensive approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 6

All materials and tools have quality certificates. The clinic has new modern equipment to provide a full range of dental services.

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 7

We strictly adhere to the sanitary and hygienic requirements for sterilization and cleaning of dental instruments.

Стоматологія Вишгород наші правила 8

Below, after the services, you can familiarize yourself with the bonus system and discounts.

Our dental clinic has been operating for 8 years and during this time we have cured more than 10,000 patients.

Our advantages are quite low and competitive prices compared to dental clinics in Vyshgorod, and very low when compared to Kiev.

We use the best and most modern American equipment.

Medical center “Stoma-Dent” provides a full range of dental services – which means that in 99% of cases you will not have to look for another clinic or another specialist to solve the problem. Any treatment begins with diagnostics and professional advice – our experienced doctors determine the cause of the problem and agree with you on how to eliminate it.

Medical center “Stoma-Dent” is located near the center of the city of Vyshgorod. This makes a visit to the dentist as convenient as possible – you will not spend a lot of time to get to the clinic, even from Kiev!

At the first sign of any problems, contact the medical center “Stoma-Dent” – and a team of professionals with modern equipment will help solve any problems with your teeth or oral cavity.

Dentistry Kiev: doctors "Stoma-Dent":

Sayapina Lada Mikhailovna

Implant surgery.
Work experience: since 1991.
More details

Kantsurov Dmitrii Andreevich

Dentist therapist
Work experience: since 2011.
More details

Kaplya Igor Andreevich

Work experience: since 2005.
More details

Shagalin Sergey Yurevich

Work experience: since 03.01.2008.
More details

Udovenko Tatiana Petrovna

Pediatric dentist, Dentist-therapist
Work experience: since 17.09.2001.
More details

Chamlai Andrey Vasilevich

Work experience: since 2004.
More details

Dentistry "Stoma-Dent": services in Kiev, Vyshgorod

Discounts from "Stoma-Dent" dentistry:

On birthday up to 10% discount

For birthday people, there is a one-time 10% discount on a therapy appointment. The promotion is valid for 1 month from the date of birth.

Family discounts

Taking care of our patients, the Medical Center "Stoma-Dent" has developed the "Family Discounts" program, family members are given a 5% discount.

Online appointment

Enter your contact information and our manager will contact you shortly to clarify the details.

Get -5% for further treatment

Patients who first make an appointment at the Stoma-Dent medical center for a consultation based on information received from our website will receive a 5% discount when registering for further treatment.

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