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Стоматологічна клініка Вишгород «Стома-Дент». Фотографія 1Our dental clinic has been operating for 8 years and during this time we have cured more than 10,000 patients.

Our advantages are quite low and competitive prices compared to dental clinics in Vyshgorod, and very low when compared to Kiev.

We use the best and most modern American equipment.

Our doctors with vast experience have been treating patients for many years.

Modern dental services

Стоматологічна клініка Вишгород «Стома-Дент». Фотографія 2Medical center “Stoma-Dent” provides a full range of dental services – which means that in 99% of cases you will not have to look for another clinic or another specialist to solve the problem. Any treatment begins with diagnostics and professional advice – our experienced doctors determine the cause of the problem and agree with you on how to eliminate it.

You can contact us:

  • For the treatment of diseases, caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease and the like.
  • For prosthetics or dental implantation.
  • For the installation of braces.
  • For professional teeth whitening.
  • For any surgical procedure.

Dental clinic for the little children

A separate and very important area of ​​work of our medical center is pediatric dentistry. It is necessary to take care of the health of teeth and oral cavity from childhood, and it is easier to fix problems at an early age. By contacting the paid dental clinic “Stoma-Dent” in advance, you will save your child not only from dental problems, but also from a possible number of complexes in the future!

Professionalism is above all!

The main treasure of the Stoma-Dent medical center is our team of professionals. We employ experienced doctors who not only know well, but also love their job. Systematic advanced training and self-education give our specialists the opportunity not only to quickly solve even the most complex dental problems – but also to introduce the latest technologies in treatment, prosthetics and implantation!

The best specialists – the best equipment!

Стоматологічна клініка Вишгород «Стома-Дент». Фотографія 3The effectiveness of treatment and the quality of prosthetics directly depend on what equipment and what materials the specialists will use. Clinics “Stoma-Dent” are equipped with modern equipment from the United States – and this allows you to perform surgical interventions and other manipulations as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We also use modern medicines and dental materials. This significantly increases the efficiency of all procedures and extends the life of fillings, dentures and implants.

High-quality modern dental clinic is available to everyone

Affordable prices for all dental procedures are another argument in favor of a visit to the Stoma-Dent clinic. When setting prices, we strive to make high-quality dentistry available to the widest possible circle of Vyshgorod residents – therefore our prices are among the most attractive in the city. If we compare the prices with the cost of procedures in clinics in Kiev, then the difference will be just colossal!




  • We offer numerous discounts for new and existing patients.
  • The family discount program allows you to save up to 5% on dental services for all family members.
  • If you contact us within a month from your birthday, you can take advantage of a 10% discount for birthday people.

“Stoma-Dent”: a dental clinic that is close by!

Стоматологічна клініка Вишгород «Стома-Дент». Фотографія 4Medical center “Stoma-Dent” is located near the center of the city of Vyshgorod. This makes a visit to the dentist as convenient as possible – you will not spend a lot of time getting to the clinic, even from Kiev!

And at the first sign of any problems, contact the medical center “Stoma-Dent” – and a team of professionals with modern equipment will help solve any problems with your teeth and oral cavity.

Get -5% for further treatment

Patients who first make an appointment at the Stoma-Dent medical center for a consultation based on information received from our website will receive a 5% discount when registering for further treatment.

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