Dentist orthopedist

The loss of even one tooth can contribute to the development of serious dental problems.

Orthopedic dentists "Stoma-Dent" successfully cope with the most difficult tasks, restoring the full functionality of the dentoalveolar apparatus in record time.

Orthopedic treatment:

  • Fixation of the crown during decementation: 550 UAH.
  • Temporary crown: clinical manufacturing + fixation: 550 UAH.
  • Temporary crown: laboratory manufacturing + fixation: 700 UAH.
  • Metal – ceramic crown: 2700 UAH.
  • Metal – ceramic crown on implant: 3700 UAH
  • Solid crown: 2000 UAH.
  • Metal-free crown on a zirconium dioxide framework Heraeus “Kulzer” (Germany): 6500 UAH.
  • Metal-free implant crown on a zirconium dioxide framework: 6 500 UAH.
  • Ceramic veneer (one): 6500 UAH.

Removable prosthetics

  • Removable partial denture (acrylic): 6000 UAH.
  • Complete removable denture (acrylic): 6800 UAH.
  • Micro Prosthesis (Up to 3 teeth, acrylic): UAH.
  • Clasp dental prosthesis (Metal): 11000 UAH.
  • Clasp prosthesis on two attachments (nylon): 11000 UAH.

Get -5% for further treatment

Patients who first make an appointment at the Stoma-Dent medical center for a consultation based on information received from our website will receive a 5% discount when registering for further treatment.

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