Dental implants

When installing implants in Stoma-Dent, we are guided by the WHO clinical guidelines.

Using the WHO guidelines "Dental examination - basic methods" allows us to carry out treatment in Vyshgorod at the international level.

Types and prices for dental implantation

  • Consultation with an implantologist, planning implantation: 300 UAH
  • Placement of the short implant MEGAGEN “AnyRidge” (Korea):13 000 uah /465$*

Two-stage implantation:

  • Placement of the implant NeoBiotech «IS-II» (Korea): 8500 uah /300$*.
  • Placement of the implant NeoBiotech «IS-II Active» (Korea): 8500 uah /300$*.
  • Placement of the implant MEGAGEN «Any One» (Korea): 12 000 uah /430$*
  • Installation of the ADAMAS implant “Tenerae, Asper, Axis Implant” (Israel): 8000 uah /285$*

Get -5% for further treatment

Patients who first make an appointment at the Stoma-Dent medical center for a consultation based on information received from our website will receive a 5% discount when registering for further treatment.

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